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One Wild Idea

November 19, 2020

I am unplugged, well, mostly. I am not watching network news, in fact I haven’t for several years. I read what my Facebook friends post and believe me, with close to 600 connections I see ALL of the headlines. The whole spectrum. 

Sure, I post or repost everything that makes me laugh out loud because I feel that if I crave laughter then, certainly, everyone must. I want to be the person who injects her friends’ news feeds with silliness and laughter. I don’t mind being perceived as a meme spreading bubble head. I know there is more to me.

The YouTube channels I follow include a few exorcists. Yes, exorcists, every bit as badass as the ones in movies but also saintly and extremely insightful. You see, I believe (and my exorcists concur) that everything we are seeing in our current events isn’t entirely caused by humans. 

Yes. Amy believes demons are real and active. You should, too, but it isn’t for me to convince you, it is my job only to open your eyes to “what if?” You can and will figure it out. I know, it’s “out there” at best and downright terrifying otherwise.

So I have a wild idea: What if we could ALL work toward resolution? I propose that it matters not for whom you cast your vote. It also matters not for whom your friends or enemies voted. Liberating, isn’t it?

Voting was the small part of your responsibility. The REAL responsibility, which we all bear now, is to pray. <cliche alert> PRAY like your life depends on it because it really does. 

What if we all prayed together for God to immobilize the demons? This would mean that we don’t pray for our own party or candidate. We don’t pray for what WE think will be the best outcome. What if we all pray for what God wants? What if we all pray that demons are unable to do their thing, which is sow fear, unrest, distrust, anger, depression, anxiety, division, oppression and all of the other awful things in that vein. 

If you have read this far then first, thank you, and second, well, buckle up because I’m just going to put it ALL out there now.  There is power in our unified prayer but we cannot do this alone. We need Heavenly help. 

All of my life I could refuse my mom nothing. She cooperated with God to bring me into this world and she cared for me. I always tried to do whatever she asked and I desperately wanted to please her, soothe her heart, make her happy, whenever I could. I held nothing back from my mom. If anyone dare say anything against my mom I would (and did) fight them. I would like to think that most people give their moms that kind of sway over their lives. 

So think, for a minute, how Jesus must feel about His mom. He loves her and wants us all to love her. He places her above all other humans. He lets her do things that nobody else would or could do. He listens to her. In the Bible, at the wedding at Cana, he tells us to “do whatever she tells you.” and at his death he gives her to us “behold your mother.” She is the help we need. 

We need the protection of a mother. Demons fear her so if you want something protected, give it to His mother. No demon dare go after what she holds in her hands or in her heart. 

Let’s ALL ask that she hold our country in her hands, take us into her heart, love us all, PROTECT us! Sort us out! Keep us safe. 

Demons will claim to have dominion over our country but they don’t. WE DO. This is OUR sovereign nation. Only we can and should give our nation to her, place it in her care. We can’t keep it safe alone, we need supernatural assistance. What if we asked her to watch over and protect our whole country and our election proceedings, that God’s will be done here instead of our own? What if we just give it ALLLLLL to her? 

Would you find that secure? I sure would. I do. 

Here is what might be the hard part: Can you live with an outcome in which your “guy” doesn’t get in? Would you find yourself able to be introspective enough to consider that you could abide with whatever outcome God intends? Would you be able to proceed with your life peacefully, knowing that you voted, then you prayed hard and let God decide the outcome?

Wouldn’t you prefer to live in a country that is as God wants it to be? 

I would be thrilled to live in a society God has planned for me. I will most likely have to wait for Heaven for that. While still here, it would be more than wonderful to not see distrust and fighting everywhere I look.

For many months after losing my dad I found it very hard to pray. In the wake of the unrest that led up to and has now followed the election I find I am praying again. My full time job is now praying for our family, our state, our country, our world. Please find the time and the generosity and a few minutes every day to do the same. 

Here is the thing, though, and it causes me anguish to write this, based on how we, as a nation, have behaved regarding those pesky 10 commandments over the past many years, what we deserve may be anything but peaceful. 

We are not to fear, though. When one surrenders one’s life, all of it, then one is given everything needed to endure. 

So… Pray. Pray harder. Be kind. Have peace. God wants to give you His peace. Get right with God, you will need His help in the days to come. I also suggest “go to confession!” and that will be another post entirely.

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