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Long time no blog

July 18, 2011


It has been a long time since I posted anything.

I had the best of intentions and then life got in the way.  Best laid plans…

Actually, I have two blogs.  This one, Merrily Uphill, is my happy blog, the one that gives me joy to write.  Merrily Uphill is exactly like me… born to make people smile – or die trying.

I also have a sad blog.  It is here Dear Alzheimer’s…  It is everything I never wanted to know about Alzheimer’s Disease and snippets from our life and my mother-in-law’s illness.  The posts aren’t all terribly sad, it’s just that the subject matter isn’t very uplifting and at times it is just a little painful to read.  I’m just keeping it real.

I went through my Facebook wall posts today.  There are about three years worth and since I was up way too early without a human to talk to I decided it would be a good time to cut and paste all the poodle posts into one document so I can put them in my happy blog. The puppies are almost 8 months old and I think I am ready to finally put the whole horrific story on paper.


I am also thinking of posting my Christmas poems, from 2000 to the present but I don’t know if anyone would care to read them.


OK, time for one more poll…


I just want to focus on the happy crap for a while.  That’s the ticket.






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