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Billy Crystal Gets Me

October 1, 2011

Some day if… NO… when I meet Billy Crystal, I intend to kiss him right smack on the lips.

While he is recovering from that I will explain to the crowd that forms how Billy (we’ll be on a first name basis after our kiss) saved my mental health.  He validated my existence.

He plays Mickey Gordon in the movie Forget Paris.  At one point he is a stay at home husband taking care of his workaholic wife’s elderly father.  Two of the scenes I have actually lived myself.

This one, dozens of times over the past seven years:

And this one, daily during one very stressful month this past summer:

Maybe he’ll write a movie about our intimate moment and call it When Billy Met Amy.

I’d go see it.

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  1. Suz Plante permalink
    November 3, 2011 11:01 pm

    Oh Ames- the movie is so accurate. I could share my own stories and those of friends. I remember my neighbors mom who read EVERY road sign and the back of EVERY semi-truck to and from south of Wichita to Kansas City EVERY day for four weeks. “How’s my driving? Dial 1-800-………” and “caution…. truck makes wide right turns” over and over and over. At least the conversation was predictable. God Bless you– and remember that HE blesses you and Sue each and EVERY day. Love you xox

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