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Merry Christmas, 2001!

October 22, 2011

No introduction, no back story, just the poem.


Now that Autumn is past, it is THAT time of year,

When I crank out a poem to all those I hold dear.

I hope that this note finds you happy and well –

Enjoying the holidays: sight, taste and smell.

All is well with the Essmans, we’re all feeling glad

From the tiny Miss “Ko” to the rock known as Dad.

We packed all our stuff and we moved this past spring

Jon’s commute – cut in half!  We’re a family again!

All the boxes unpacked, our new life was all set

Temporary insanity – all we need now’s a pet.

So we answered an ad “Poodle pups – seven weeks”

We grabbed all our cash and we went “just for peeks.”

They were so sweet and curly, we oooed and we awwed.

There were nine precious puppies directly from God.

It was so hard to choose, we didn’t know what to do

Just a tad more insanity, we came home with two!

We named the male Mulder, he is loud, fast and huge.

He loves to eat ice cubes and acts like a stooge.

Our sweet female is Scully, not mean in the least,

(Unlike her big brother, whom we call “the beast!”)

The children are fine, I will fill you in now

On all they are doing, the what and the how.

I will start with my Anna, she is such a great kid

Having her is the smartest thing we ever did.

She is helpful and loving and generous and dear

Did I mention she’s also homeschooling this year?

She skates and she babysits, making hot wads of cash,

but one trip to Old Navy and it’s gone in a flash.

She was into N’sync at the start of the year

And she bought all their CDs and posters and gear.

But she’s grown up since then – if you know what I mean

And in June our first child became (gulp!) a teen.

Our busy boy, man-cub, Sir Benny turned six.

He is learning gymnastics and does lots of tricks.

He still loves the planets and dinosaurs, too

But he also enjoys frequent trips to the zoo.

He loves teasing his sisters and scaring the dogs.

He enjoys our new pond where he caught lots of frogs

But he learned a sad lesson that wasn’t much fun,

Never leave your pet frogs in a jar in the sun.

Miss Kolbe grows fast, much to Daddy’s chagrin.

She has so many things that she’s interested in.

She likes books and her dollhouse; she’s learning to dance

And when she spins stories, we’re all in a trance.

When our littlest lady turned three this past May

Well, I said some things I thought that I’d never say:

I miss diapers and bottles and puke on my dress

I miss nursing and late nights and getting no rest.

But all babies grow up much to Momma’s dismay

and my Kolbe’s no different, she blooms day by day.

She is so smart and cute, filling life with such joy

We are so blessed to have both our girls and our boy.

Jon still works for Nissan, for that we are glad

He works with great people, never coming home mad.

Now he teaches at church, his deep faith he is sharing

And he does so with love and a great deal of caring.

I’m so proud of my Jon-san, he’s such a good guy

He is God’s gift to me and that thought makes me cry.

He is quiet and kind – but then he’d have to be:

‘Cause he married a sentimental goofball like me.

And speaking of me, which I don’t like to do,

I am fine, thanks for asking, that’s so kind of you.

I have fun with my family and doing my jobs

I just cook and clean up after my precious slobs.

When I started to write this, the words wouldn’t come

and I wondered “Has my brain turned totally numb?”

But I took a deep breath, pulled a handful of hair

Then it dawned on me “Amy! Just whisper a prayer?”

So I did, then I thought of September eleven,

When thousands of souls were released toward Heaven.

The evil one tried – but the U.S. won’t hear it.

He can try all he wants but he can’t kill our spirit.

We’re a kind, caring people, although some find us odd.

We’re a nation united under one loving God.

We should all try each day to just do the right thing.

Wouldn’t that be a gift that is fit for our King?

There are so may gifts that our Creator gave us

We have family and friends and His own Son to save us.

How he treasures us all in the “Home of the Brave.”

And His love does endure from the womb past the grave.

May God keep you and yours in His loving embrace.





That is all.

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