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Merry Christmas 2003!

December 2, 2011

Salutations and Greetings and Boatloads of Cheer

Have arrived in the poem which you’re holding here.

I will tell you of all the routine things we’ve done.

I am hoping the rhymes will make reading it fun

I will start with the Captain of our happy clan.

Yes, that’s right, an update on my wonderful man.

Fourteen years “running” Nissan, he still makes the cars.

He’s still teaching at Church (when he’s not drunk in bars.)

Next comes the First Mate, well of course I mean me.

I am still “just” a mom and I’m still 23!

Still too solemn and quiet and not so much fun.

I still drive all day long, toting daughters and son.

Our eldest, dear Anna, fifteen and one half.

We enjoy her so much, she can sure make us laugh.

She has made us the proudest darned parents alive,

But we’re just a wee nervous – she learned how to drive!!

Ben is eight now and loves all his second grade classes.

And he sports a new look, Harry Potter’s round glasses.

He’s a dapper young man, and he’s still pretty smart,

Still cracks us all up, still a lover at heart.

Our Kolbe is five – Kindergarten at last!!

It sure seems that our baby has grown up too fast!

Still dancing, this year she is learning to Hula.

We will rent her to parties and make lots of Moola.

We missed out on the crippling great power outage

Up north, we were renting a great beachfront cottage.

We also had big fun when we tried to camp…

(Except we forgot ALL our pillows and lamp!)

We still have our pups, in dog years they’re teens now,

One is still a sweet baby, the other’s a cow!

Our cat is still perfect, he’s the boss of the house,

Well, ok, maybe second to my perfect spouse.

Like most families, we’re busy, the days seem to fly!

We enjoy one another as time passes by.

God continues to show us His goodness and more

He has blessed us with gifts one can’t buy in a store.

We are thankful to our Glorious Father above

That we’re average in all things, except for our love.

Season’s Greetings to you and all those you hold dear.

Keep His love in your heart through the coming New Year.

I hope that this note made you smile, maybe laugh.

It was written with love by Jon’s goofier half.

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