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Merry Christmas 2004

December 8, 2011

In 2004 we moved – AGAIN.

Ugh.  I hate moving.  I mean I REALLY hate moving. This move was the hardest of all our moves, possibly because we had accumulated more and more “stuff” after 18 years and it was lots of packing, after lots of sorting and lots of purging.  The kids were very excited about the move and the new house had bedrooms for everyone, so… Yay, but it was so very much work to move only about a mile away.

During the entire process “never again!” became our mantra.  I truly meant it, too.  I have since softened the “never” and will agree to move under two circumstances:  1) The children are all grown and married and we sell everything we own so we can travel the world for the rest of our lives (Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?)  or 2)  I’m in a pine box.

Just so we are very clear here,  if I move and one of those two situations don’t apply, alert the authorities because aliens are invading the planet and they started by taking over my body.  Deep down we all knew they would start with me, didn’t we?

This year was also the year that our pups, Mulder and Scully, left us.  They had a “situation” with a neighbor who, although very sweet, was a first time pet owner with zero common sense.  Our dogs were over zealous about playing with her “too small to even be a real dog” dog.  The neighbor feared that they would hurt her “wittle baybee” and placed her body between her dog and ours.  EXACTLY the opposite of what one should do in this kind of situation.

They jumped up on her.  She said one of them bit her (mmm hmm, through your untorn snow pants and parka) and since they were identical she couldn’t tell which one jumped.    She had large bruises on her waist and thigh.

A heartbreaking decision was made;  neither could be allowed to continue living in a neighborhood filled with dumb people.  The dogs left our family.  That part sucked.  We all mourned for more than a year. Of course, none of this is in the poem because how the heck would I ever make THAT into a funny rhyme??

Point to ponder:  Did this event contribute to the formation of the over protective “crazy poodle lady” you see before you?    Prolly not.

Just in case you’re late for a meeting or a pedicure here is the jist of the 2004 poem:

I love my deliciously average family.

Happy Holidays 2004!

Go grab some hot chocolate with Marshmallow foam,

Curl up in a chair and read Amy’s dumb poem!

I will bore you this year with some snips of our life

Making you thank the Lord I’m not your goofy wife!

We traveled this year when the weather was warm,

To the home of our friend, Fr. Joe and his farm.

He has cats, llamas, donkeys, some chickens and ewes,

Lambs and goats, seven dogs, two enormous emus!

Jon is still my main squeeze, and for 18 years, too!

(I met him at age four, yes, I’m still 22!)

At Nissan, still working, still traveling the globe,

He’s still my Shining Knight with the patience of Job!

Anna, 16, is a Junior.  E-gad!

She rides off to school every day with her dad.

Her sense of humor is great, her sweetness won’t end,

I am proud to call Anna both daughter and friend.

Ben is now nine and we homeschool the lad.

He is silly like Mom and a genius like Dad.

He spends more time exploring, a definite perk,

I just wish I could get him to do more housework!

Kolbe is six now, a funny young lady.

She has lost her front teeth – that’s the end of our baby!

She a talker, I don’t know where THAT trait comes from.

She homeschools every day with her brother, our son.

I’m in love with these four people God sent to me.

And I hope we become who God wants us to be.

I’m assured when I look at their beautiful faces

That I’ve truly been blessed by God’s plentiful graces.

Oh what fun I’ve had writing this year’s Christmas Poem,

‘Tho I’m sending it from yet another new home.

This time you can write our new address in ink

And if we move again I know I’ll start to drink!

As December unfolds all of Heaven and Earth

Are preparing to celebrate our Savior’s birth;

Adults at their finest and kids at their best,

Is your heart a soft place a sweet baby can rest?

May God fill your souls with His peace from above.

May your hearts overflow with His infinite love.

We all send you our friendship, our love and good cheer.

Merry Christmas, dear loved ones, Have a blessed New Year!

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