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Merry Christmas 2006!

December 12, 2011

The poem, Ma’am, just the poem.

I’ve attempted to write this poem 17 times.

There are too many thoughts and just not enough rhymes.

I shall finish this thing if it takes me all night.

To inspire me, I’m writing by Christmas tree light.

So I squint at my pen while I write by the tree,

Both my cats say there’s no weirder human than me.

They can say what they want, I pretend not to hear

As I squint-write my annual wishes of cheer.


Nissan still spoils Jon, where he still makes me proud.

And he still sports a beard but he’s still awfully loud!

I am still shy and quiet; I’m yin to Jon’s yan.

Still enjoy taking care of those kids and that man.

Next Wednesday will be 20 years man and wife!

Like most mammals our size, we have mated for life.


Now that Anna’s 18 and has finished high school,

She’s a freshman in college and nobody’s fool.

In June was a party in honor of her.

She and I planned for months and it passed in a blur.

We had four tons of food, vats of beer and sangria,

Two big cakes, a bounce house, lots of friends & fam-lea.


Ben is growing so tall.  He’s an awesome young man.

And he makes us all laugh like nobody else can.

He likes school and his friends.  He is both kind and smart.

He loves video games and creating cool art.

He’s a wonderful son, who is thoughtful and brave.

And to be just like Dad, Ben says he’ll never shave.


As I’m crafting my poem all I hear is Kolbe

“Mommy, please!  Hurry up!  Write the part about me!”

She’s a dear funny kid, who is sure of herself.

She’s a good natured, happy and cute “South Pole elf”

Who will break both my kneecaps if her verse is bad.

She’s a tad self-involved, like the wife of her dad.


This year we had three super family vacations.

Higgins Lake, Myrtle Beach and D.C. destinations.

First we camped with my sister and lots of my neices.

My grand-nephews, too, I just love them to pieces.

With my parents, my brother, his wife & their seven

We shopped, played and swam in a big beachy Heaven.

Myrtle Beach earned a spot in my stoney cold heart

And my nieces & nephews all love me – right, Bart?

Then at Thanksgiving time, we all piled in my car.

We abducted Jon’s mom then we drove really far

To see Jon’s brother, Ron, lovely Brenda (his wife),

All their kids, cats  and dogs, had the time of our life.

In D.C. we saw sights as we wandered around

In the rain all day long (though we all darned drowned.)


So that’s it for this year from the Family Suss

Aren’t you glad that I wrote you to blab about us?

Keep your eyes on the prize and your heart on your sleeve.

Pray for peace in our world and for snow Christmas Eve.

Hug your family too much.  Call your mom when you roam.

Pray that George finds a way to bring all our troops home.

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