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Merry Christmas 2005, Um, Yeah.

December 17, 2011

I had planned to publish all my Christmas poems, in order, over the course of several weeks.  One or two a week would be a good pace, I thought.

So dumb.

Is there a busier time of year?  What the heck was I thinking?  I can’t even get all my laundry done from week to week and I’m planning to type up all my poems?

So I posted the poems from 1999 – 2003.  Big whoop.  The others I did at all hours of the night, during insomnia which was most likely a direct result of worrying about how I was going to get everything done.

In my haste to git er done, I posted the 2005 poem and discovered today that it was the 2006 poem.  So I changed it on the website and now I’m going to post the real 2005 poem.  This means the puppies referred to in this post were the ones who had to go away in the previous post.

Geeze Louise, my life is like a poodle soap opera.

So discombobulated.  If nothing else, I’m consistent.  Consistently discombobulated.  Oh well, it seems to be working for me.

Merry Christmas 2005!

I regret to inform you and ruin your good cheer

But I’ve no time to think up a poem this year.

I’m too busy, don’t hate me or call me a jerk,

But this writing of rhymes is a great deal of work.

You see we’ve enrolled all our children in school

I thought I’d have free time – HA!  I was a fool.

Most my days are spent driving my children around

And my face is well-known in the shops around town.

Most mornings the kids and I try to catch Mass,

After school I drive someone to some extra class.

So you see, I’m too busy to fire off a poem.

I don’t think I’ll have free time till my kids are grown.

And speaking of my kids…

Anna’s awesome at 14, what more can I say?

She enjoys Brighton High where she spends her whole day.

So far she’s brought home some nice friends and good grades

But she has a teen’s bedroom and could use seven maids!

How I miss the old days when she just played with toys.

Now she’s into the phone, makeup, music and boys!

Our Benny is quite the enjoyable dude.

He likes dirt, bugs and critters and all noises rude.

He is still into Star Wars, now Harry Potter, too.

He enjoys all the members of our household zoo.

He’s a Cub Scout and loves it – He is such a busy creature!

He loves the first grade and plans to marry his dear teacher.

Our Kolbe’s an angel and ever so smart.

She is funny, obedient and tender of heart.

She plays dress up and doll house and Barbies galore!

She loves her teacher and pre-school and going to the store.

She and Ben play so nicely and make me so proud,

But those two kids at times sound much more like a crowd.

Our two pups are both huge now, they each weigh a ton.

They are so dumb but loving and boatloads of fun.

But our house “needed” someone sweet, cuddly and fat.

Since we couldn’t have a baby, we went out and got a cat.

All the fishies in our fish bowl died, we flushed to sort of bury’em.

Now I’m trying to convince Poor Jon that we need an aquarium.

This year we enjoyed a few fun-filled vacations.

We explored several states of our beautiful nation.

Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee

Wisconsin, Minnesota and our beloved U.P.

We toured Space Camp, cool caves and we all stuck our toes

In three chilly Great Lakes (see the photo enclosed)

When  THE birthday time came, dear Jon gave his “old” wife

A great huge honking party – the surprise of my life!

Almost 80 friends and family – it was people wall to wall

I thought “Forty might not be so stinking rotten after all!”

Just in case you missed the party, this thought may give you a lift:

It is not too late to wish me well and don’t forget my gift.

Jon traveled round the world this year.  He’s quite the rambling man.

He saw strange exotic places like Grand Rapids and Japan.

We are still quite happily married sixteen years one day next week.

Jon’s smile still makes the sun rise and his kiss still makes me weak.

To have him for my best friend proves that I am truly blessed!

Just why he chose or keeps me, well that’s anybody’s guess!

Well, I guess that I will write a Christmas poem after all.

I’ll end it with a simple prayer to Jesus, Lord of All:

“Please don’t let me be an inn keeper that has no room for You,

Because of all my earthly goods and other “stuff” to do.

I beg you, Lord, to free my soul from all the worldly things.

Make my heart a humble stable that is fit to house my King.”

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