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Zippa de doo Dang

February 22, 2013

So this morning, as I was dressing for co-op, I saw a relatively new pair of brown pants that I haven’t worn since forever and I thought “Well, these are cute and comfy… Why don’t I ever wear them? Hmm.”

I put them on and went about getting ready for the day.

Forty five minutes later, walking into co-op I feel an icy blast of air in the nether region. My zipper was completely unzipped. Zip it, keep walking.

Thirty four minutes after that, while standing in front of my science class, quizzing them, zipper is down again.

OH FOR GOD’S CAKES… Now I remember why I never wear these pants.

Over the course of the next 7.5 hours I zipped my pants up 9 more times.

Yes, Lord… I’m paying attention.  What is it I am to learn from this?

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