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As The Poodle Turns… Season 3?

May 30, 2013

YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS… Just when you thought the saga was long behind us…. Another installment of As The Poodle Turns… Season 3.

Jon’s cousin, Marg, who lives near Toronto called us last week to see if we were still breeding poodles because her beloved dog had died and they would like to adopt another pet.  Jon very sweetly told her that we are not.  I would have screamed, soiled myself and fainted (in no particular order) at the suggestion that we EVER do that again so it’s good that Jon answered.

So here’s the amazing part: Marg left us a voice mail over the weekend that she and her husband had just adopted a 2 year old standard poodle that was born in … yep!!  OUR TOWN – a very long way from Toronto!! The weekend was busy and we forgot to return her call. (I really am the worst at that.) She called back tonight and told us that the newest member of her family, Nellie, whom they adopted in Belleville, Ontario was, indeed, one of our Daisy’s babies. She has the exact birth date of our litter and the original buyer’s name was on the vet records.

WHAT ARE THE ODDS?? So many things have to line up for this to have happened! One of our puppies ended up NOT ONLY in the loving home of Jon’s wonderful cousin but she is in a foreign country: CANADA. WE LOVE CANADA!!! One of my grand-poodles is really living the life.

I told Daisy all of these joyous developments about her own baby and she burped and looked away. Nice, Daisy. Real nice.

We plan to go see them all this Summer.  Well, we humans plan to go visit.  Our curly beasts will stay with home with a house sitter.

Just in case you missed seasons 1 and 2 they are here and here.

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