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Where to start… where to start…

March 2, 2011

Several times over the past two years I have been told “Amy, you should write a blog.”

This, in my mind, could have only meant one thing.  If you had a blog I could choose whether or not I have to watch/listen to/read your almost incessant blabbity, blabbity, blab. This, of course, must be an internet take on what one of my uncles used to say to me when I was a kid:  “I wish you were on television, kid, so I could change the channel.”

The last person to say that to me is one of the dearest, kindest people I have ever known.  Eeeeerrrrrrkkkk! (mental brake noise) Have I now inspired a nice person to cross to the dark, contemptuous side?  I told her my theory about why people say this to me and she laughed and said “See?”

“Well, sure, I see now.”  I didn’t.  “I think I might just try this blog thing.”

She smiled sweetly.  “Good.”

I got a blog.

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