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Write what you know

March 3, 2011

I had so many ideas about what to include in my blog posts.  I was so excited to get this party started.  I was told to “write what you know.”   Ok, what do I know?  I’m just a housewife, or so society tells me.  I’m not very good at listening to society.

  • I know about being a wife.  I’ve been married for almost 25 years and still have my original spouse.  I am pretty sure that my marital longevity has much more to do with the quality of husband and not so much my wife skills.  Most anyone who knows us will nod in agreement.   Jon is a keeper, I’m a handful.
  • I know about being a mother.  I’ve done it full time for almost 23 years.  If you combine the ages of my children I have 51 years of mothering experience.  I’m not even 51 years old, so that right there is some kind of magic juju.  Ah, yes, motherhood is a mysterious plane.  I have lots of stories but they all have to be run past my censors, er, um family.
  • I know about homeschooling.  I’ve been at this since 1993, off and on, mostly on.  As my friend, Lisa, and I like to say “Been there, done that, got the ugly jumper…”
  • I know poodles.  I have owned standard poodles, almost non-stop, since 8th grade.  Recently I was given the title “Poodle Doula” and let me just say that the horror of helping my dog deliver 10 puppies has changed me forever.  Oh, did I say horror… my bad… honor.  There will be poodle posts.
  • I know Asperger’s Syndrome.  I used to hate it but over the years I have not only accepted it but have embraced it. Although it can be challenging to educate a child with this condition, AS kids are honest and brilliant, at least mine is.
  • I know Alzheimer’s.  I hate Alzheimer’s.  I see no possibility of ever finding anything remotely good about this disease.  I do consider it a privilege to be the caretaker and “safety” to an angel who is still stuck on earth.
  • I know God, in fact, I can say with 100% certainty that I am His favorite.  Oh, I went there.  Don’t worry, though.  Everyone is His absolute favorite.

So I guess I have a few ideas to start with.

Wow, two posts about starting a blog.  How long can I keep this going?

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