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Merry Christmas 2007!

December 18, 2011

Six days until Christmas!  That’s not enough time

To tell this year’s story and make it all rhyme

But I’ll try ’cause I’m tough and that’s what tough chicks do.

I won’t rest till it’s done and is mailed off to you.

Six short days aren’t enough to tell you about Jon

And how much we enjoy this life journey we’re on.

He’s still happy and funny and such a good dad.

He says I’m his best friend and that makes me so glad.

I have only six days to expound on each kid

Telling you all about every cute thing they did.

All have made some transitions, amidst lots of hugs.

One turned twelve, one turned nine and there’s one who sells drugs!

First there’s Anna, the “old” one, a moldy nineteen,

Still in college full-time, favorite color – still green.

When she isn’t in school, she’s a Pharmacy Tech

Or she’s off buying clothes with her weekly paycheck.

Ben’s in Middle School now and is getting good grades.

That child’s future’s so bright he should really wear shades.

Our comedian child is a gaming machine

Who can’t wait till next year when he morphs to a teen.

Our scholarly Kolbe has FINALLY turned nine.

She loves shopping and school and her grades are just fine.

She digs reading and hanging with her BFFs

And we watch Rachel Ray ’cause you know we’re both chefs.

I will not need six days to tell all about me.

I remain “Good Ol’ Aim” you still get what you see.

I have all that one needs for a full happy life,

I am raising great kids and I’m Jon Sussman’s wife.

Just six days left to shop and to max out each card,

Trim my trees, wrap the gifts and light up the front yard.

I can do this if I just remember one thing,

That it’s not about me, but my Savior and King.

May the joy of His birth guide each man and each beast

Like the light of the star that was shone in the east

To the stable born Babe that the angels sing of.

From the Rhymer, the Beard and the three kids we love.

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  1. Joanie permalink
    December 18, 2011 12:02 pm

    My favorite so far! Love ya! Merry Christmas!

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