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Merry Christmas 2008

December 19, 2011

Armed with pen and caffeine I will start this year’s poem

Which will carry glad tidings to you in your home.

I am having an awful time starting the ink

Sorry, we haven’t changed so this writing might stink.

There were three milestone birthdays on our family scene:

Kolbe’s ten, Anna’s twenty and Ben turned thirteen.

Jon is aging quite well like a fine bearded wine,

Nope, not me, I’ll admit nothing past twenty-nine.

This past May we flew south for some Florida cruisin’

Where Jon’s nephew Brian wed his true love Susan.

We invaded six theme parks in only five days,

Then collapsed on a beach in a fun induced haze.

My adorable Jon is still Nissan devoted;

They must love him, too, because he was promoted.

He’s been given an office – with walls and a door,

Although there’s no ceiling, he does have a floor.       (phew!)

Cosmetology school is now where Anna’s learning.

Her fire for fashion is still brightly burning.

Don’t ask if she’s dating, I’m not s’posed to tell.

I won’t say that he’s sweet and we like him real well.

Ben, our funny young man, has exploded in size,

I now have to look up just to see his blue eyes.

He’s a smart dude who seldom gives us too much strife

‘Cause I think he’s afraid he’d get grounded for life.

Preteen Kolbe is quite the articulate child

Who is gracious and funny, her temperament mild.

She’s an excellent student who just loves to read.

It’s unfortunate though, that she grows like a weed.

Now it’s time for you people to all get in line

To inquire about me, I assure you I’m fine.

Though at times my wax burns really fast at both ends

I’m aware that I’m blessed to have family and friends.

See, I warned you that not too much happened this year.

My poem’s just a vehicle for Christmas cheer

From that family who lives in that blue sided house:

Three cute kids, dog and cat, one fine man and his spouse.

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