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Merry Christmas 2009!

December 22, 2011

A mistake has been made by that dude, Father Time.

How can Christmas be here?  We just started ’09!

I am sorry, it seems that the Suss-clan’s still boring

But that doesn’t mean you can start with the snoring.

Stay awake and enjoy my eleventh (and best?)

Because make no mistake, there WILL be a test.

Anna finished with school taking scissors in hand

She will dazzle the world, making over the bland.

She’s still crazy in love with a sweet guy named Victor.

He’s the dearest young man, we are so glad he picked her.

We dragged him on vacation I’m pleased to report.

We played games every night; he is such a good sport.

Ben‘s an eighth grader now, having his best year yet.

All his teachers he likes and good grades he does get.

He’s more hairy and taller and deeper of voice.

He’s a generous boy who makes every good choice.

Confirmation last month was the ice on his cake

I am thrilled when I think of the man he will make.

That darned Kolbe got older again this darned year

She’s in middle school now with sweet teachers, we hear.

She can text with great speed and Facebooks like a pro,

She’s loves dance class and learning to play the oboe.

In her free time our baby girl still loves to cook

When she’s not busy re-reading each Twilight book.

My Jon Sussman remains the best half of our whole.

He still loves me despite all my wrinkles and mole.

He has found a new hobby that’s just fine by me

Tracing four hundred years worth of our family tree.

He’s enjoying the research, it’s filling his cup

And the stories from my side prove Jon married up.

As for me I’m delightfully still unemployed

I don’t have a “real job” and I’m just overjoyed

‘Cause I get to look after the peeps in my life

Wash their clothes, mop their floors and be bearded guy’s wife.

Thanks for staying awake all you dear girls and guys

And for kindly refraining from rolling your eyes.

I did warn you that not too much happened this year

I just like to write poems to help spread Christmas cheer.

May your family be merry, your worries be light.

May you open your heart to the babe from that night.

It was so long ago that the Son of God came

Not to just heal the sick and the lowly and lame

But to heal each of us of the hurts that life gives

So that whole, we can show that our Savior still lives.

Added several years later, boyfriend long gone. Sometimes parents are wrong.  Remember Eddie Haskel on Leave It to Beaver?  The parents all thought he was the cat’s pajamas.  To his peers he was a total douche bag.  

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