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Merry Christmas 2011!

December 24, 2011

     Merry Christmas 2011!

Last year we did not send out one single card;

Our sweet dog had ten babies and life was way hard

But we’re back on the scene, with our card and this note.

Once again you’re all reading some stuff that I wrote.

After Daisy gave birth, I went weeks with no sleep.

We allowed our son, Ben, to choose one pup to keep

But we did not foresee that Miss Kolbe would love

A shy black one, whose heart fit on hers like a glove.

So I said to dear Jon (who’s still awesome this year)

“Darling Husband, sit down, you have something to hear.”

I explained that three dogs would be no worse than two

And I promised him kids would clean up all the poo.

Three huge poodles now live at the casa de Suss.

Want to see a dog circus?  Just come visit us.

Jon, in his awesomeness, still hitched to me.

We still live in a house with our dear children three.

How we cherish our awesomely average life!

Soon we’ll celebrate 25 years man and wife.

Our kids are still funner than should be allowed.

They still “own” Mom and Dad and they still make us proud.

Our Anna’s in school and is still doing hair

In her car she goes vroom from right here to right there.

Ben and Kolbe, our teens, are in high school at home.

Do not think for a sec that this means we don’t roam.

Co-op classes and outings and tutors they see

Lots of friends they hang with and of course, they have me.

I am still good ‘ol Ame, I don’t change much each year.

I still love my Suss-peeps and I still don’t love beer.

When I look at God’s love in my life I’m aware

I’ve been blessed with what seems like much more than my share.

Every year I have trouble with just how to end

This rhymed note that we send to both family and friend

Please indulge me, my loves, there’s one more thing to say

And then you can go back to your Dee-cember day:

You are loved by the One who invented the stuff

He loves all that you are, I can’t stress this enough.

If you open your heart to HIS love and HIS grace,

You’ll be happy someday when you meet face to face.

Please remember the Sussmans in your daily prayers.

And don’t worry, I promise, they’ll keep you in theirs.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2012 from the Sussmans

Jon       Amy     Anna     Ben       Kolbe     Daisy     Penny    Albie     Max   &  Snookie

Dad       Mom      Kid  1     Kid 2     Kid 3     Dog 1    Dog 2   Dog 3    Cat    &    Guinea Pig

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