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Spicy Poodle Song

June 29, 2012

This afternoon I was watching a movie, sitting in a recliner, when Albie, one of our poodles, randomly walked over to me and put his head on my shoulder.

I kissed his huge nose and said “Hi, Buddy.  Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.”

My 14-year-old looked at me and said “No, Mom, you’re done.”

Wha?  I’m done?

I am, in fact, not done.

I proceeded to make up new words for the Spice Girls’ masterpiece, Wannabe.  Please to enjoy.

Tell me what u want, what u really, really want.

I’ll tell u what I want, what I really, really want:

I wanna eat, I wanna drink, I wanna poo, I wanna pee,

Oh, yes, I really, really, really, really, really, wanna pee.

If you wanna put me outside, I will pee on all your plants.

I will do it very quickly ’cause I don’t wear pa-a-ants.

If you wanna put me out there, I’ll go poopy in the grass.

And if I have any “berries” you will clean my a-ass.

Pretty catchy, right?

Later, after dinner, I was sitting at the table with my girls and Albie shoved his head under my arm.  I took it as a sign, of course, that it was time to “perform” our catchy little song, complete with little Spice Girl hand movements.  Oh, I owned it.

I laughed until I was crying and my head was laying on the table.

My mortified teen just sat shaking her head, occasionally saying “Please.  Stop.”

My 24-year-old was laughing not with me, nor at my song.  She was amused by my own remarkable ability to amuse myself to the point of tears.

“You think you’re pretty funny over there, don’t you?”

I shrieked  “Yes, yes I do!”

The truth is I’m still giggling.  Maybe this is one of those “had to be there things”.  I don’t know.  I never would have thought that I could enjoy a Spice Girls song so much.

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